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Policy of quality

On behalf of its market position maintenance and improvement through its sale of high quality products and with respect to protection of the environment, the PZP KOMPLET a.s. company declares the following strategic intentions:

  1. For satisfaction of the needs of customers, to supply the market with quality electro devices, process equipment switchboards, vacuum engineering, single purpose machines and equipments, and other products that equally satisfy customer demands of quality, safety, economy and protection of the environment.

  2. To increase systematically the environment protection level in the course of whole life cycle of our products thus from their manufacture through operation up to life termination.

  3. To enhace continuously awareness of consumers, business partners and public on the quality of its products, their usefulness and benefits to the environment.

  4. To improve the quality of provided services and optimize production expenses, to improve the working environment.

  5. In the scope of business strategy, to build sales, assembly and service network within the whole Czech Republic and other countries through the network to increase permanently market share of the PZP products.

For promotion of this quality and environmental policy, the company management undertakes to the following:

  • regularly yearly setting of rateable goals for quality and environment that will proceed from this policy;

  • constant improvement of the established system of quality and environment management;

  • creation of suitable conditions and sources for fulfilling the goals of quality and environment management;

  • creation of a suitable working environment and motivation for all the employees of the company;

  • care of improvement of employees qualification and thus creation of prerequisites for company development;

  • observance of legal and other requirements concerning quality of products and protection of the environment;

  • in environment protection, to be aimed at reduction of energy consumption and waste production.

For support of quality and environment policy, from all personnel of the company the following is expected:

  • systematic and accurate observance of procedures set by the documentation of quality and environment management system;

  • active share in improvement of manufactured production quality;

  • prevention of errors by means of self-control;

  • prevention of waste production and other pollution of the environment.