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The PZP KOMPLET a.s. company is a purely Czech production firm operating on the domestic market as well as abroad since 1992. It is primarily engaged in development and production of electrical equipment, switchboards, vacuum engineering, customized manufacture of machines and equipment.

It is especially the branch of vacuum engineering where, during the last decade, the company gained a dominant position on the domestic market and belongs to the sought-after producers of high-quality and reliable devices with excellent technical parameters.

The basis of our production is modern machinery and equipment for measuring and testing. Design and engineering preparation for production is provided by our technical department equipped with programs for 3D modelling, creation of drawing documentation, product testing, elaboration of software for industrial control computers and PLC systems. Overall equipment and spaces of production plants, good production organization and long-term economic stability of the company enable implementation of large-scale contracts.

Our cooperation with large multinational companies established and proven in the course of many years and long-term manufacturing tradition in connection with skill and dexterity of the most of the personnel enable us to meet the most demanding requirements and wishes of our customers. Achievement of the product maximum quality and thus the customer maximum satisfaction is the highest goal of all the company personnel.