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Control panels

Central workplace for control and operating

As a part of our production of electrical equipment, process equipment switchboards, machines and devices we can offer design and manufacture of control panels, control and servicing desks, central workplaces for operating and control of your machines, devices and production process equipment.

Industrial design and engineering

Design and engineering preparation is provided by our own designing department equipped with modern computer technology for 3D modelling, design and testing, creation of drawing documentation. In the scope of product development and design, we offer you a draft of industrial design according to your requirements. The structure of control panels, desks and central workplaces is mostly very various, self-bearing steel structures or plastics and metal castings and similar, as need may be. Internal assembly of instruments and components is made onto assembly panels, instrument racks, in 19" system, interconnection by wires, cables or printed circuits. Their surface finishing we always select according to the industrial design and customer requirements, very often it is varnishing by powdering process. There are used foil labels, foil keyboards, plexiglass, label and card printing by machine etc.

Process equipment and manufacture

We manufacture in pieces and in series according to product specifications, technical documentation of the customer, standards EC, EN, CSN. The production basis is working spaces modern equipment with machines, electrical engineering, measurement instrumentation and testing apparatuses. Our great competitive advantage is, among other, our metalworking production providing primarily structural cabinets and individual mechanical parts.

Guarantee of high quality

Technical perfection and high quality of our products is based on long-term experience of our design personnel and production workers, careful selection of used materials and components, constant adherence to production methods pursuant to standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. In our products, the following is an absolute matter of course:

  • Electrotechnical measurement
  • Functionality test
  • Quality checking
  • Final revision
  • Declaration of conformity
  • Guarantee

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