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Robotic welding

The specialized workstation for robotic welding is equipped with a six-axis DOOSAN robot and EWM welding equipment for MIG/MAG and TIG arc welding. The programmable robotic arm provides full automation of the welding process and enables more efficient, faster, more accurate and stable welding compared to traditional manual welding. In addition to high welding accuracy and production productivity, this method also provides greater safety and protection for operators. Robotic welding is therefore mainly used in serial production with demands for high weld quality, process reproducibility, speed and lowest possible cost. We weld individual parts and weldments clamped in welding fixtures of our own design. If you are interested in cooperation, send us your drawing data to receive a non-binding offer from us immediately.

Robotic welding parameters:

  • arm reach 1700 mm
  • repeatable clamping accuracy +/-0.1 mm
  • maximum speed >1 m/s
  • MIG/MAG and TIG welding methods

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