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Corporate strategy

The PZP KOMPLET a.s. company belongs to the leading Czech producers and it focuses strategically on the production fields of electrical devices and equipment, vacuum technology, customized manufacture of machines and equipment. In the mentioned fields, the company constantly endeavours for further improvement of its position on the domestic market and expansion of its foreign activities.

The company´s corporate strategy is based on the following basic principles and goals:

  • constant and systematic ascertainment of the needs of customers, their analyzing and as feedback, taking them into account in its offers of products and services;

  • promotion of partnerships with its customers, paying attention to satisfaction of their needs, open communication with customers and building relations of mutual trust;

  • creation of long-term relationship with suppliers with a view to assurance of high and constant quality of deliveries, concentration of key supplier relationships on common development and marketing;

  • effective development of human resources, assurance of education and training for employees in all areas necessary for improvement of their work;

  • consistent application of effective methods of employees motivation aimed at improvement of their work and possibilities of their self-fulfilment;

  • promotion of open communication both inside and outside the company and utilization of all suggestions and knowledge arisen from the communication for customer needs satisfaction and effective working with human resources;

  • promotion of ethical behaviour and reliable open conduct, creation of the environment of trust and cooperation inside the company and in relation to its surroundings;

  • highest quality product deliveries to the customers and consistent application of the management system of quality according to EN ISO 9001:2016 and the environment according to EN ISO 14001:2016;

  • regular evaluation of quality system goals fulfilment, assessment of process efficiency, rendered services level tracing and valuation, remedy of discrepancies and adoption of measures against rise of such discrepancies;

  • consistent fulfilment of requirements concerning protection of the environment, safety and health at work, fire protection;

  • guiding and education of employees to be all their actions executed with respect to the environment and thus prevented possible endangering of the environment;

  • utilization of the newest knowledge of work ergonomics, improvement of working environment in all working places aimed at working safety improvement and thus protection of health of the employees;

  • initiation of technical research and development, promotion of innovative activities of the employees;

  • initiation of organizational development of the company, collaboration in developing with customers, suppliers, universities and other institutions or persons.