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1992 – The PZP Komplet s.r.o. company is established, commencement of development and production of electric boilers, directly heating convectors and other electrical heaters. In the following years, thousands of such products were manufactured and business success becomes the basis of further successful development of the company. The production of simple heating electric boilers continues up to the present. More information in section electric boilers.

1993 – The production extended by process equipment switchboards, electrical engineering equipment and industrial electronics. The manufacture of electrical switchboards and electrical equipment is a strategic branch of activities up to now. More information in section production of electrical equipment.

1994 – By the reasons of fast growing demand and the necessity to separate specialized productions, new affiliated companies are established: PZP Kvasiny s.r.o. and PZP Elektronika s.r.o.

1995 – Due to the gradual increase in prices of energy its „savings“ are more and more important. As a strong player on the market of electrical heaters, the PZP Komplet s.r.o. launches development of heat pumps for economy heating and successfully implements heat pump installations historically the first in the Czech Republic.

1996 – Production of electrical equipment rises very successfully, it is very intensively worked on the development of heat pumps, it is put on the market a complete series of air-water and ground-water heat pumps for ecological, energy saving heating and water warming. New products award a number of prizes at international trade fairs end enjoy great popularity of customers.

1997 – The heat pump production is further enlarged by dehumidifiers and industrial cooling units.

1998 – To the heat pump production there is closely tied up manufacture of air engineering and air-conditioning equipment with air-air heat pumps. As one of many successful jobs and implementations, it may be mentioned the air-conditioning equipment in the Holy Cross chapel in the castle of Karlštejn.

1999 – The affiliated companies of PZP Komplet, PZP Kvasiny and PZP Elektronika are transformed into one joint stock company, PZP KOMPLET.

2000 – The PZP KOMPLET company starts activities in a quite new field – vacuum engineering the historical roots of which are in gradually perishing factory Tesla Opočno. During the next decade, PZP KOMPLET gets rank among the sought after manufacturers of best quality and reliable equipment with excellent technical parameters.

2001 – Close relation with the vacuum engineering has customized production of machines and equipment.

2002 – The transformation into the joint stock company and the steadily growing volume of the production result in investment into a new production plant at Dobré. The original premises, an agricultural machinery repair enterprise, is completely rebuilt into modern plants for the needs of specialized productions.

2006 – The production plant at Dobré is gradually extended, the construction of a logistics centre and a new production hall for vacuum engineering, machines and equipment is in progress.

2008 – The volume of orders and production keeps growing, the company invests in gradual building new manufacturing capacities at Dobruška.

2011 – Heat pump development and manufacture branch off into new joint stock company PZP HEATING specializing in heat pumps and cooling equipment.

2014 – The PZP KOMPLET company focuses its corporate strategy on electrical engineering production, vacuum engineering, customized production of machines and equipment, electric boilers and dehumidifiers.